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SOU Hykeem Massey returning as a senior this season is on time to graduate this 2022 Spring. Hykeem has fought through rough times this last year as most of the world was dealing with Covid-19; he lost his grandmother to cancer at the young age of 65 years old, his aunty, and now his mother Cynthia is fighting cancer. When he found out about his mother's fight, Hykeem wanted to return home to help aid in his mother's battle. Still, his strong open-minded mother told him to remain in school to finish fighting for his dream, as his mother Cynthia calls him "Keem The Dream," and always felt he was destined to do great things. Southern Oregon University, Coach Hall, the team, and Hykeem look to gell and work together to overcome all obstacles this season, searching for a National Championship.

Southern Oregon University Athletics community highly supports returning senior running back Hykeem Massey. The SOU Football 2021-2022 season is fastly approaching. Hykeem is ready to help SOU Raiders Football to the next level this season. Also, Hykeem is excited to be headed by the experienced Coach Charlie Hall this season, who plans to return the SOU Raider Football 2022 team to greatness. Hykeem Massey ran a 4.17 40 yard dash this spring. SOU Football may have the fastest college running back SOU Football 2021 in the nation if not the Fastest College player. SOU Football 2022 team looks to isolate linebackers and safeties against the speed of Hykeem, giving the Raiders a significant opportunity to take advantage of their opponents. Hopefully, Hykeem can draw the double team giving the Raiders many options to choose from. Southern Oregon Football fans have a lot to get excited about this season. After watching the SOU Softball team win a National Championship, the Southern Oregon Football 2022 team is ready to follow suit.

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